I consider myself pretty well versed when it comes to technology. For those of you who know me well know I worked at a major TV station in the US for over 10 years. When HD was beginning to roll out, I was actually explaining it to my husband, thanks to my colleagues there who had taught me much of what I know. So I was shocked (literally) when I unplugged my cable box from the socket today and it managed to shut down our broadband, land-line telephone, wireless router, new 37” flat screen TV, and of course, the cable box itself. Like a good little soldier, I unplugged everything, turned off the socket (yes, in the U.K. it’s a two step process as there’s actually a switch on each individual socket and if that socket is turned off at switch, it doesn’t work until you turn it back on and plug in your appliance), and then plugged everything back in, this time using our surge protector strip. To no avail, no power on anything. I literally thought I may have ruined our new flat screen. I flipped the circuit at the breaker, also to no avail. As I yelled “damn it” and my two-year-old then said “damn it” I was able to convince her that I said I must have “damaged” it.

It in fact was the breaker I blew, so I just had to flip it.  But I’ve since diagnosed the problem also to be with our surge protector of all things, because once I took it away, and again tried all sockets, everything began coming back on line. The cable box apparently prefers to be plugged directly into a socket rather than through any kind of strip. Phew…and just one day before my husband returned!


About expatmama

Karla Oselka Walsworth is a freelance writer/blogger, born and raised in the great state of Michigan. She has lived abroad twice, most recently in London, and keeps a blog on Expat living and traveling with children, Living in the last five years in four different cities, her writings tend to focus on challenges of moving/living with children while exposing them to all this planet has to offer. Karla, who has her MBA from the University of Illinois, and is also a certified 200 hour yoga instructor, has settled (for this moment) in the Midwest. As a recovering accountant and budding writer, she is actively raising two children with her husband Eric, hoping to give them as global a perspective as one can, at ages 7 and 4.
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1 Response to Shocked!

  1. Pam Oselka says:

    Good for you, figuring this out! That little Ella, certainly picks up on everything, doesn’t she?

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