Yes, we have a Milk Man!

Just when I thought England couldn’t get any cuter, dear husband noticed our neighbors had a regularly scheduled IMG00850dairy delivery. He inquired, I Googled, and we found the company, who delivers in our area five times a week. Our milk man’s name is Grant, and if you forget, it’s on the front of his truck, and on the web site when you log in. You can set up a standing order via the web and get dairy fresh, organic (either pasteurized or not) milk, as well as eggs, cheese and a variety of other yummy items like organic vegetable and fruit boxes delivered to your door. How’s that for nice blend of 20th meets 21st century?

Interestingly enough, most of their milk is not pasteurized nor is it homogenized. If you want that, you have to go toIMG00848 their web site’s “specialty” section. Is the U.S. the only country that regularly does this to their milk, I wonder? I have read many articles on the merits and nutritional value of non-homogenized milk, which I tend to agree with, but while I’m pregnant, I decided to stick to pasteurized. You can also get the milk flavored, in chocolate, banana and strawberry.

IMG00822Among the other adorable things I’ve noticed: the naming of houses. This photo of Victorian row houses is across the street from our place. And chiseled in many of them, above the door, are names, such as “Hartley House,” “Langford,” “Essex,” etc, which I assume were once last names of the family who lived there. And it’s very common on UK web sites for there to be a separate boxfrontdoor asking for “house name,” followed by the usual house number, city, post code, etc. We unfortunately don’t live in a place quite as cute, but any offers on naming? Let us know.


About expatmama

Karla Oselka Walsworth is a freelance writer/blogger, born and raised in the great state of Michigan. She has lived abroad twice, most recently in London, and keeps a blog on Expat living and traveling with children, Living in the last five years in four different cities, her writings tend to focus on challenges of moving/living with children while exposing them to all this planet has to offer. Karla, who has her MBA from the University of Illinois, and is also a certified 200 hour yoga instructor, has settled (for this moment) in the Midwest. As a recovering accountant and budding writer, she is actively raising two children with her husband Eric, hoping to give them as global a perspective as one can, at ages 7 and 4.
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4 Responses to Yes, we have a Milk Man!

  1. Kim says:

    Garfield House East?

  2. Kathie says:

    I love the idea of a “milk man”. Problem is you have to be home to receive it – this would be my issue. But, I still would love to have it available. I don’t know about the pasteurized issue – isn’t the idea that non could make you sick? Does it taste weird?

  3. expatmama says:

    Our delivery is actually by 7 or 8am, so we’re always here, and you can enter “holiday dates” on the web in case you’re away – they’ll suspend your delivery. They even have little coolers you can get, but its never that hot here so we’ve never had to do that. And eggs – even in the grocery store – are not refrigerated here.
    I think the non-pasturized milk tastes exactly the same. Even the non-homogenized also – the difference here is you have to shake it because even for 2% or semi-skimmed, as they call it, the cream rises to the top. Yum!

  4. Kathy Zmuda says:

    What a glorious service, Karla. We had a milkman in our neighborhood until 8 years ago when he stopped as not enough orders. I remember it well from my San Francisco childhood. The milkman even brought the goodies inside and placed them in our refrigerator.

    I wish we could bring it back along with the unhomogenized milk. I have a vague idea that pasteurized is for good health, although today the milking situation is so sterile, it probably isn’t necessary any more.

    Sounds like you are savoring another culture’s ways.
    It’s a wonderful way to expand the mind and heart.
    I appreciate your open and clear sharing. love, Kathy

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