It’s Guy Fawkes Day!

Over last weekend, we in Great Britain celebrated Guy Fawkes Day. Well, really, what I’ll call Guy Fawkes week, as we heard fireworks for about 5 to 6 days straight. Guy Fawkes was a Roman Catholic restorationist who, in 1605 was thought to be in charge of what would become known as the Gunpowder Plot, an attempt to blow up Parliament as a reaction to the systematic discrimination against English Catholics. Their goal was to oust Protestant rule by blowing up the Houses of Parliament while King James I and the entire Protestant aristocracy and nobility were inside. See my link to Wikipedia for more.

The UK commemorates the occasion by ironically, setting off fireworks. Seems a bit silly, but then maybe it is also silly that we in America set off fireworks on the Fourth of July to mark the end of the American Revolutionary War?  I have since learned that the occasion is remembered here by bonfire; bonfires are set all over the city and a dummy “Fawkes” is burned. Some of the public parks held controlled bonfires in our neighborhood.  Interestingly enough, his name, Guy, is where we get the term “guy” meaning “man” in the English language.IMG_6352

So, yes, I’ve had the baby, and all is well. Wesley Frank was born 22-Oct, 8 lbs 12 oz. I was able to experience the British NHS (National Heathcare Service) first hand and in general had a positive experience. More on my birth story soon; I’ m just debating how detailed I want to get as I know I have some male readers out there. J


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Karla Oselka Walsworth is a freelance writer/blogger, born and raised in the great state of Michigan. She has lived abroad twice, most recently in London, and keeps a blog on Expat living and traveling with children, Living in the last five years in four different cities, her writings tend to focus on challenges of moving/living with children while exposing them to all this planet has to offer. Karla, who has her MBA from the University of Illinois, and is also a certified 200 hour yoga instructor, has settled (for this moment) in the Midwest. As a recovering accountant and budding writer, she is actively raising two children with her husband Eric, hoping to give them as global a perspective as one can, at ages 7 and 4.
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1 Response to It’s Guy Fawkes Day!

  1. Kathy Zmuda says:

    Dear Karla,
    I find the Guy Hawkes info fascinating and have questions. Is it celebrated in England as they’re glad he failed? I assume since they burn his effigy, that’s the case.
    I’m so glad I got to hear the details of your birthing of Wesley. It is a wonderful story.

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