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Karla Oselka Walsworth is a freelance writer/blogger, born and raised in the great state of Michigan. She has lived abroad twice, most recently in London, and keeps a blog on Expat living and traveling with children, Living in the last five years in four different cities, her writings tend to focus on challenges of moving/living with children while exposing them to all this planet has to offer. Karla, who has her MBA from the University of Illinois, and is also a certified 200 hour yoga instructor, has settled (for this moment) in the Midwest. As a recovering accountant and budding writer, she is actively raising two children with her husband Eric, hoping to give them as global a perspective as one can, at ages 10 and 13.

My Corona-cation

Our family needed to get away SO badly.  After three long months of serious quarantining with daily walks and lots of outdoor time, the walls were closing in.  When else ever in our lifetimes has the following existed: a work … Continue reading

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What This Election is Teaching our Children

There is a basic amount of decency and respect we all deserve. I learned this from my parents, I learned it from following Jesus, and I learned it from the community in rural Michigan where I grew up. And it … Continue reading

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Not Your Mama’s Conner Prairie

When we relocated to Indy last year, I remember hearing about Conner Prairie, conjuring up memories of my childhood visit there.  Once when mom or dad had a conference in the area, we got to make the trek down from … Continue reading

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I’m a Guest Blogger: Check out “New Buffalo, Michigan: A Homecoming”

Hi All! I am so fortunate to be a guest blogger for Lisa Lubin (, friend and former colleague at ABC7 Chicago! Check out my hometown update on her site at! You will love Lisa’s story. Years ago, she … Continue reading

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The Speedway

If you were looking for that insiders look at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, this is not it. Confession: I am a complete racing novice. So, think of this post as an outsiders look at the Speedway. But one can’t live … Continue reading

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Think Spring

In case you have never been, let me tell you a little about spring in the Midwest. On any given day, we can either be wearing short sleeves or have snow on the ground.  And with the winter we have … Continue reading

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As I sit watching the Kentucky Derby, kids having living room horse races, sipping a mint julep (I wish), I immediately go back to our lovely visit to Ascot Racecourse.  While living in London, a neighbour told us that “we simply … Continue reading

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So, what do you do, when you know your time in London may be coming to an end soon?  Well, just as one in the US could hop a plane for a 1 hour flight from Chicago to Nashville or … Continue reading

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Up North

As I enjoyed the 70 + degree weather today, my mind goes immediately to our holiday last October, when we also experienced unseasonable 70 degree weather.  Our Indian Summer, or Autumn holiday we experienced Up North, which is a special … Continue reading

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Real Women Have Curves!

So where can you go work out and have great conversations with other strong women of all ages?  No, it’s not your mama’s workout gym.  It’s a phenomenon that has changed women’s fitness.  It is Curves, and Curves franchises are … Continue reading

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